4 May 2015
15 May 2015


Even a superficial analysis of what is happening in the “made in the Matrix” religious world cannot conceal from me the fierce calling into question of the original, authentic foundations of faith in Jesus. It is a true spiritual cancer. The Bible predicts how this cancer will spread throughout the world. But God’s call to His fans is: “Come out of the Matrix so that you will not be infected by its spiritual cancer” (see Revelation 18:4). God Himself will sit among His fans. Only they are the true people of God! They will be a people who unconditionally reflect the image, character and holiness of the Creator.

These fans of Jesus are still scattered throughout all the religious denominations but they will unite under pressure from the new universal politico-religious leadership, to form a group about which Jesus prophesized: “Do not fear, oh little flock, because it is your Father’s pleasure to grant you the kingdom” (Luke 12:32). And this last flock of Jesus’ fans does not await a kingdom of earthly peace possessed by men, but the return of their Lord Jesus Christ in person. This last remnant church will not unite in large temples and ecclesiastic buildings but, as in the time of the Apostles, in small communities, in their houses and in isolated places. It will be a clandestine church; it will return to the times of the catacombs. But the greater the external pressure from the Matrixian Christian community, the more the little flock’s faith in Jesus will grow. And so a flock will grow under one Pastor, just as Jesus predicted.

A flock immune to the Matrixian spiritual cancer. An unbeatable flock, because it bears the genetic code of the omnipotent Creator.

(From the Book COME OUT OF THE MATRIX Volume two of Christian Style: http://www.christian-style.net/sitoInglese/engindex.php?pagina=archivio)


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