The paternity test

A paternity test is carried out to determine paternity, i.e. if a man is the biological father of another individual or not. This test may be important in view of the father’s rights and responsibilities. It is carried out using DNA analysis. During sexual reproduction, the DNA of both parents unites randomly to create a unique combination of genetic material in a new cell. It follows that an individual’s genetic material originates from the parents’ DNA. By comparing the DNA sequences of one individual with those of another, I can determine whether or not one individual originates from the other. Specific sequences are examined to see if they have been copied precisely from the genome of one individual to that of another. If this is the case, this fact proves that the genetic material of one individual originates from that of another.
Jesus, when He was directly attacked head-on by the prince of the Matrix (the commander-in-chief of the DEMONS) in the desert, clearly showed the origin of His spiritual genetic material. He didn’t reply to each of the three temptations using His personal genes, such as strength or intelligence for example, but He replied with a simple, sharp “It is written”. Yes, the Bible was also Jesus’ pole-star throughout His life on Earth. This way, Jesus overcame rebellion with obedience and pride with humility. Jesus was the perfect example of the divine DNA in man, and being like Him, i.e. being Christian style, is ultimately the most important issue in my life.
From whom does my spiritual genetic material originate? What does my spiritual paternity test say? Whose child do I choose to be? Have I accepted Jesus’ invitation to come out of the Matrix, assimilating His uncontaminated DNA in me, or have I decided to be the child of another father who will brand me indelibly with the mark of evil?
I either accept, wholly and in its pure state, God the Creator’s DNA which contains the necessary genetic information and indispensable molecules for the harmonious development and correct functioning of His entire creation or I deliver myself with my own hands over to the destiny awaiting evil and its doers, small and great: an eternal, irreversible death.


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