Sold soul

Two thousand years ago Jesus met many people who were possessed by DEMONS. Often these people would foam at the mouth, showing evident traits of aggressiveness and frightening all those who encountered them – true monsters in human form. Today, though, it is very unusual to witness such evident episodes of “demon possession”. But is it really possible that in the third millennium the prince of the Matrix has become weaker or tired of controlling human beings and the entire world to the point of total possession? Is it really possible that there are no longer any fans of the Matrix who sell their souls to the prince in exchange for money, power, fame and sex? Am I really sure ?
In the Matrix, a possessed person does not look mad or show outward signs of hysteria or schizophrenia. The Matrixian possessed person often has the appearance of an ANGEL, of an ordinary person who certainly doesn’t seem to be doing anything wrong, but is secretly surrendered to the DEMON of depravation, or of envy, or dishonesty, or pride, self-exaltation, or wickedness, falsehood, infidelity, or any of the other problematic character traits they bear which pollute and distort their image as a fan of Jesus.
Each day, minute and decision of my life inevitably brings about an inner psychological battle within my conscience. On the one hand there are the ANGELS who propose a choice in coherence with the divine principles of love, justice and truth. On the other hand are the DEMONS who, contrariwise, play on my innate pride and all the other character defects that I still haven’t managed to distance from my heart. Modern “demon possession” hardly ever reveals itself as it did in the past with repugnant, coarse, outward manifestations. It hides, malicious and treacherous, behind each of my character defects, my every error, every unhealthy inclination against which I have ceased to battle. If the DEMON of pride, envy or corruption no longer sparks an opposing struggle in my conscience then I have surrendered to that DEMON.
How many DEMONS do I still have to cast out from my “closet”? How dark is my inner cellar? For how long will I continue to protect, play down and justify their presence and “possession” in my life ?
The only way out for me as a possessed person in the Matrix is a genetic mutation from Matrix Style to Christian Style… definitively from DEMON to ANGEL and the only one capable of performing such a profound and authentic change in me is Jesus. Indeed, His word promises me, “I will give you a new DNA and put new genes in you; I will remove the Matrixian DNA from your body and give you my divine DNA” (see Ezekiel 36:26).
Into whose hands do I place my destiny? To whom do I entrust the control of my inner cellar? Jesus, exactly as He did two thousand years ago, is capable of casting out these DEMONS from my life and liberating me physically, psychologically and spiritually. Jesus is the only one who can clear my cellar of the most occult, subtle DEMONS. Jesus is the only one who can free me from the “demon possession” that controls all the fans of the Matrix in a more or less evident way.


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