31 July 2014
25 August 2014


Matrix: a dictatorship that, unlike all others in the past, does not base its power on the strength of weapons and physical violence, but on the power of communication and psychological violence. With cold and implacable ferocity, it uses political-religious propaganda techniques developed with scientific precision; its enlightened architect and his demons subjugate the citizens of the Matrix, manipulating their feelings and even their memories to keep them constantly trapped in a psychological bondage from which they cannot escape. The grand design of the prince of the Matrix is aimed at achieving total control over people (called “possession” in spiritual terms), obtained not through repressing the OUTWARD Christian actions but eradicating the INNER moral image of God carved in the hearts and character of His fans. It is a real psychological holocaust. In other words, the citizens of the Matrix will soon have a heart and an INNER character in the image and likeness of evil and their OUTWARD actions will testify to this.
My pole star tells me unequivocally:
“Those who are INWARDLY similar to the prince of the Matrix will continue to practice injustice OUTWARDLY; and those who are INWARDLY like Jesus will continue to practice justice OUTWARDLY” (see Revelation 22:11).

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