The Divine genetic code

Every living being has a genetic inheritance. Genetic inheritance is the combination of genes carried on the DNA molecule. So my genetic inheritance, or the set of messages contained in the genes transmitted to me by my parents, is written in my DNA chain with a code termed genetic.
My pole-star is undeniably clear: the first attribute of God’s DNA is holiness. Indeed, I note with a hint of wonder how the word “holiness” (or its synonyms) is found several times in the Bible in association to God regarding the word “love” (or its synonyms), “justice” or any other divine characteristic. God is totally separate from anything that has been touched by the Matrix. Despite the fact, then, that holiness is God’s main characteristic, it is systematically ignored or misinterpreted by many “wise” Matrixians. Unscrupulous false prophets – “scientists of the spirit” – place holiness in contrast with love, another fundamental gene of the divine genetic inheritance. Holiness appears to have too negative and sectarian a connotation while love is a positive concept which seems to embrace rather than divide. However, I realize that God’s combination of genes cannot tolerate the gene of evil and clearly manifests this. God’s love is perfectly compatible with His holiness.
Holiness is therefore the main gene in God’s DNA from which all His other “gene messages” originate. As a fan of Jesus I am invited to follow God’s example (Ephesians 5:1) and reproduce His exact genetic code in me. I can’t just accept the divine genes that interest me and/or ignore the genes that don’t suit my fancy. The concept of God that has been spread around in the Matrix ignores the invitation that God Himself extends to His fans, “Be holy, as I am holy” (Leviticus 11:44; 1 Peter 1:15,16). If I sincerely love God, I must first of all safeguard the inviolability of the divine genetic code and reflect above all the gene of His sanctity. The moment I, a fan of Jesus, begin to compromise myself with genes other than those found in the divine DNA, I stop reflecting the DNA proof that undeniably identifies me as a child of God (Isaiah 57:15), revealing in myself traces of a genetic mutation… and thus of a different father.


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