Be like Jesus, be Christian Style!

As at the time of Jesus, letting go of the religious security associated with membership of the “chosen people” was a painful challenge for the Jews, as it is for me today to abandon the viewpoint of belonging to the ” right church ” and to replace that with a character and commandments that are consistent with the example of Jesus. It is a really hard-to-digest, radical metamorphosis.
Only such an internal, profound change of heart will allow me to experience real Christianity!
This is the exact opposite of the process that the Prince of Matrix went through at the time of his rebellion against the Creator. He had the image and likeness of God, but he rejected it. I, on the other hand, was born in Matrix with a marred image, and I have to return to reflecting (as a creature who loves his Creator) the original image that my parents had in the Garden of Eden in paradise.
The time has come for me to get ready. The seal of God will never be placed on the forehead of a woman or man who is not Christian-style. It will never be placed on the forehead of people who love the Matrix. It will never be placed on the forehead of people who lie and deceive.
The character of those who receive the seal of the living God must be similar to that of Jesus


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