The Last Generation

I want to constantly remember that fans of Jesus form a true and real generation, with precise characteristics and a unique, extraordinary mission – and I can be part of it!
If I have left Matrix, I love Jesus sincerely and I take him as an example to follow, then I am in the City of Jesus.

The most important question I can ask myself today is: “What is my DNA today? Do I really reflect the unconditional love of Jesus?
“Is this my top priority every day? Or am I only after immortality and the paradise promised in the Holy Scriptures?”

If I am a genuine and sincere fan of Jesus, then I am part of the last Christian-style generation – the omega generation – a generation which the apostles and prophets of the Bible would have been very happy to be part of.
I will have the opportunity to see things that no one else has ever seen, actively participating at Jesus’ side in the last events in history that are about to occur.

What an extraordinary generation!


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