What is the Matrix and how does it work?

The world is not, and does not work, they way you see it.
This world is an artificial system created by its  ‘enlightened’ architects.
They have created a global pyramidal system and sit at its summit from where they decide the rules. All the sectors in which we operate are determined by the vertices of an obscure world government. Economy, finance, health, communications, politics, and religion, are created and manipulated by people and entities that operate in secret.
They create rules that enslave which they use to oppress, scare, frighten and repress the people.
They themselves are obviously exempt from the rules they create arbitrarily.
All my fears, anxieties, all the psychological / physical / economic and political crises are induced by subtle, subliminal communication and manipulation.
Everything that is shown to me is not real. Jesus always worked and lived outside of that system and, therefore, was always fought by it.
He went to the people, healing them from physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional sickness. Jesus always offered a way out of the virtual world of Matrix and he also offers it to me today.


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