The final conflict

Human beings were created in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, they originally bore the seal of God in themselves. But as the Bible tells me, after creation, human beings distanced themselves from the Creator and began to reflect the image of the enemy of God.
The pure image of God the Father is Jesus!
It is true: Jesus died for me … He has already paid for my mistakes.
At the same time, I cannot forget the second part of God’s challenge, which is to restore HIS image and likeness in his creation. This process (which in theological terms is called “sanctification”) changes my life, my desires and my deepest passions.
The desire for an easygoing religion that does not require struggles or renouncing the follies of Matrix, is in total contrast to the ultimate challenge of Jesus who wants to model me in his image and likeness.
Do I want Jesus to win this challenge?
If so, I have to be like Jesus … I have to be christian style!


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