The spark of evil

Although God created Lucifer very handsome and granted him great honor among the ANGELS, He did not deny him the freedom to choose evil. It was within his power to use his gifts negatively. He could have continued to live for the glory of God, loved and honored by all the ANGELS. His capabilities could have been a continual blessing for the other created beings and given God great glory. However, he begins to seek more and more personal glory and to exploit his power to rouse admiration and attention. He also lets the ANGELS he guides serve him rather than submitting themselves to God’s will. Bit by bit, the desire for vainglory rises within him… Despite the fact that his splendor comes from God, he believes he is self-sufficient. He begins to believe that his intelligence comes not from God but from himself. Consequently, he convinces himself that he deserves the same honor and power as God. So the kingdom of chaos is born, in opposition to God’s harmonious kingdom.
Lucifer is convinced that he is greatly loved by the ANGELS. He holds a high position among them but… within his heart he longs to become like God. He feels pleased with himself and his ambitious aims. He knows he can count on the full esteem of the ANGELS. His great responsibilities earn him respect. Lucifer has always lived in the presence of God’s throne so a brilliant light surrounds him. With great joy, he takes note of the fact that the ANGELS obey his orders. Aren’t his robes marvelous and full of splendor? Why should Jesus be preferred to him ?
The ANGELS joyfully acknowledge Jesus’ authority and bestow their love and adoration on Him. Lucifer bows with all the others, but within his heart a strange and terrible conflict is now under way. Sincerity, justice and faithfulness battle with envy and jealousy… pride torments him. He feels a deep need for power and dominion and so, envy of Jesus starts to take over. Lucifer begins his career as “the prince of the Matrix”, giving rise to the Big Bang of evil, beginning to stir up rebellion and provoke uncertainty in the ANGELS who are under his command. He manages to deceive many ANGELS before his true intentions come to light.
Lucifer’s attempt to destroy the law and image of God before the inhabitants of heaven initially meets with a certain degree of success. Many ANGELS allow themselves to be seduced by his words. However, his apparent victory concludes with a stinging defeat, which as its consequence causes separation from God and exile from heaven. Unfortunately, the inhabitants of planet Earth, on the other hand, welcome him. The Big Bang of evil propagates its rebellious waves on my planet and Lucifer thus becomes Earth’s illegitimate prince, leading me, its’ original administrator, to waive my right. The final objective is to get Jesus, the owner (Psalm 24:1), to waive His claims to this planet which He created, recognizing Lucifer as its new and definitive owner.


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