The Last Revolution

The latest generation of true Christians basically has an individual relationship with a person: Jesus Christ. That’s why they are fans of Jesus … and that is why they bear the name of a person rather than that of a church! Too often as a Christian I’ve believed and trusted in a message and a church rather than a person, I’ve spread a message and a doctrine rather than truly proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus.
The Bible prophesizes that Jesus will shake all the churches until he has separated the ANGELS, his fans, from the DEMONS, the fans of Matrix. “And there will come a time when Jesus will gather all his fans from every nation and church, fulfilling his promise to bring them into HIS Church” (cf. Jeremiah 23:3).
Am I ready for the last spiritual revolution announced by the biblical prophecies? This revolution is not external or to do with religious denomination, but an inner reform of character and lifestyle. This spiritual revolution does not require changing church, but changing the character, and returning to the real commandments of God presented in the Bible. Only this will really demonstrate that I honour the divine law with my whole mind and that I am waiting with all my heart for the second coming of Jesus Christ.
Only those who accept this last revolution will receive citizenship in the city of Jesus!


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