Three messages for Matrix

Jesus wants to see all his fans, now part of many different religious denominations, united in a spiritual movement exactly opposite to that of Matrix.
Indeed, it is a movement that puts alliance with the Creator first.
The statute of this movement is basically contained in the three messages in Revelation that Jesus has for the citizens of Matrix:
1st message: Wait for my second coming!
2nd message: Leave Matrix and reflect my image!
3rd message: Keep the original commandments of the Creator!

The Prince of Matrix will be enraged against this movement of ANGELS, making war on those who will be part of it, i.e. “those who observe the commandments of God and keep the testimony of Jesus” (Revelation 12:17), creating a movement of spiritual confusion that seeks to distort and falsify this distinct and clear cry that Jesus will launch just before returning to this earth.
Am I ready to join the global “spiritual business”, exchanging my “spiritual goods” for friendship and brotherhood with the Matrix?
If my answer is “NO”, then Christian Style is right for me


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