5 December 2014
18 December 2014


Much mention is made of God’s ultimatum in Revelation 14 for planet Earth, a message brought by three angels to the citizens of the Matrix. And yet I discover that these three angels are not the last heavenly messengers sent by God in the last days… there is a fourth angel who is added after a while (see Revelation 18).

My pole star tells me that before the arrival of the power/authority/splendor of the fourth angel of Revelation 18, the three angels of Revelation 14 will have “only” produced a lukewarm (Laodicea) and sleeping (10 virgins) people. And when I discover that the fourth angel is the most authoritative, majestic and the one with the most powerful voice of all the four angels, the indifference towards this angel seems even more bizarre to me.

How come this particular angel has been forgotten by God’s people? Will it be an angel that the Matrix will define as “politically incorrect”? Will it be an angel who will annoy (see the divide that will be caused) the ten virgins who were until that moment all sleeping together serenely? Will it be a rather unpleasant and inconvenient angel for the church of Laodicea which until that moment felt spiritually rich, sighted and well-dressed?

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