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18 July 2013
1 August 2013


What is Babylon?

If thousands of years ago the Bible writers used the name of a very famous city to symbolize Evil, i.e. distance from God and His perfect character, why shouldn’t a blogger for Jesus use the name of a film?  In today’s society what appears on TV and the mass media in general becomes famous and the film The Matrix marveled the entire world with its message about a false world that wants to hide my slavery. A real wake-up call for all those who are unaware (or pretend to be unaware) of the ever-growing dissociation and disjunction between appearance and reality. Over a decade since the film The Matrix came out, it is still seen as a cult film and the name itself continues to inspire automobile companies, television programs and even politicians who invite us to come out of an unjust political-social system. The importance and significance of the word/name Matrix is now recognized everywhere, finding space even on the fluttering billboards of messages in different cities and countries thousands of kilometers apart from one another. The Matrix is by now a universal symbol that photographs with truly disturbing surgical precision my post-modern society and its most chilling dissociations between the numerous types of appearance that brutally try to feed my senses and the ever less evident reality.

Yes, the MATRIX to Christian Style is what the Bible (Revelation in particular) calls BABYLON.

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