16 February 2015
2 March 2015


Checkmate is a move in chess where the king, which is one of the pieces, is under direct attack (in check) and has no way to remedy its situation with any other play or move away from the threat of immediate capture. Checkmate is the primary objective of a chess game and the game ends with the victory of the player who has managed to put the opponent’s king in checkmate. In practice however, the player actually gives up before that.

My guiding star promptly warns me that the Creator God in His omnipotence, and in virtue of His great love for all His creatures, put in check the former Lucifer, the Prince of the Matrix, giving him a chance to abandon his perverse and rebellious ways, and go back in the arms of his heavenly Father, just like the powerful parable of the prodigal son. Yes, even though it may seem incredible, this parable told by Jesus, the Son of God, applies primarily to that fallen angel.

Alas, the prince of the Matrix, now literally devoured by his own egomania, has boastfully rejected this loving offer of reconciliation and life. He brutally killed the only incarnate Son Jesus sent to earth as Ambassador from the Father and as Bearer of salvation, reconciling all of creation. And the saddest thing of it all is that this being, once beautiful and shining, so much so that he was appointed bearer of light, is now furiously trying to drag into this bloody spiral of death as many humans as possible.

But I should not be afraid … in fact, I can rejoice. The divine checkmate approaches, allowing the madness of evil to plunge freely and voluntarily into self-destruction. And justice will be done. (see Revelation 18:20)

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