22 October 2014
6 November 2014



Do you know why Satan is still the prince of this world?

He still is, as long as my faith (along with the faith of all of Jesus’ fans) is mixed with the fear of him, and all the forces of evil. He is and will remain the prince of the Matrix, and I under his authority as long as he manages to hypnotize my spirituality with a religion based on fear of judgment, sacrifice, the cross, affliction, punishment, blood and death. I am a fan of Jesus but sadly paralyzed because my faith is crippled and mutilated.

Jesus is life. His message is life. His character radiates love, as the image and likeness of the Father. The terror of death, blood, judgment, etc. symbolize the tomb of my faith. That is the reason I have not been able until now, to fly as my beloved Master soared. Now, enough is enough … it’s time to get out of my spiritual grave which I was forced into by this evil creature and his followers. True faith, that Jesus talked about when He said that his fans would do greater miracles than Him (see John 14:12), is a total trust in the Creator and in the good, with no trace or fear of evil. God is omnipotent, while evil is simply the absence of God. Goodness is LIGHT, and evil is the absence of LIGHT, or DARKNESS. Just as darkness literally disappears before the onset of light (it cannot exist), so the whole Matrix empire will tremble and collapse in front of the smallest and most humble fan of Jesus.

Soon I will be able to see, along with all the citizens of the Matrix, what true faith, unmutilated by fear, is capable of.  Just like the faith of Jesus. Extraordinary things are going to happen!

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