12 November 2013
25 November 2013


Wherever I turn I see worried people discussing global serveillance that oppresses the ordinary citizen and makes a mockery of our dearly loved “right to privacy”.  Matrix is literally built on the annulment of the privacy of all its citizens.  I, a citizen, am controlled and spied on while my every move is X-rayed.  My purchases are known by the information collected from credit cards, my tastes through search engines, my friends through social networks and my possessions through financial institutions.  Soon physical cash will disappear and every transaction will be recorded by a central computer. Even my phone conversations are not at all safe from prying ears… indeed!  “Big brother” is right in front of me and smiles at me with disdain and contempt.

The Matrix empire has already become a complete regime, flaunting with haughty exaltation its own omnipotence resulting from its universal control.  And whoever dares to put a stick between the spokes will be quickly labeled as a dangerous extremist and terrorist, cutting off every lifeline with the simple press of a button from the keyboard of the central computer. The most powerful dictators of the past could not even in their wildest dreams have imagined such a delirium of omnipotence.

But (yes, there is a big BUT) the Creator God announces: “The Matrix has fallen! You fans of Jesus, rejoice because by judging it, I have avenged you (Revelation 18: 2, 20).”

Just like ancient Babylon, the arrogant city that thought itself impregnable, that same city was conquered by Cyrus in one night using a clever strategy (diverting the waters of the Euphrates River thereby able to enter the city and take the Babylonian army by surprise during the night), so the Matrix, the Babylon of today, just as arrogant with modern technology, is silently and mysteriously being defeated by the diverting of the water that keeps it alive: its rebellious spirit, arrogant, proud and self exalted (Revelation 18:21-24).

Yes, the message of moral similarity with Jesus, and in particular with His infinite humility, represents the fall of the Matrix.

Even if that may sound unbelievable, it is the truth that powerfully illuminates planet earth and the entire universe. This stark contrast between good and evil that is emerging before my very eyes will put an end to the delirium of omnipotence of the prince of the Matrix and all his followers.

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