25 October 2016
7 November 2016


The prince of the Matrix, who knows he is only dust in comparison to the Almighty Creator, hides his own emptiness behind an image of violence, cruelty and malice. All this to appear strong. In fact it’s really a display of weakness on the part of those who don’t have the courage to think, to hope, to love anymore … ultimately displaying a weakness to change direction.

Similarly the seduction of evil is nothing more than an illusion of the weak, who believe to be strong by using violence. The more the army of the weak grows, the more this illusion misleadingly seduces even many so-called fans of Jesus.  After all this is the seduction of the rebellious spirit.

Killing and destroying our neighbour is an act against God’s creation and against life itself. And because divine creation is founded on the respect and protection of life and on mutual love, evil prefers to shape the world in the image and likeness of his own weakness, rather than come closer to the Good. The banality of evil is still today the key to understanding the barbarities perpetrated in my post-modern society.

But Good is strong, incredibly powerful … invincible! Evil is weak, banal … deadly. And soon this death will engulf it, whereas Good will reign supreme for all eternity.

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