18 January 2016
27 January 2016


For years now we have been talking about being Jesus’ fans, i.e. being like Jesus… Christian style, no longer being fans of the Matrix. But today we want to deal with the difference between being a smalltime fan and a BIG fan of Jesus.

–          A BIG fan of Jesus expects great things of God. Those who don’t expect great things from God will never see God do great things.

–          A BIG fan of Jesus doesn’t stop at the first request. If the answer doesn’t come straightaway, he/she prays again with perseverance and faith.

–          A BIG fan of Jesus, having received God’s answer perseveres in the search for “bigger things”. He/she continues to ask for more blessings for themselves and those around them.

What God grants to one of His fans doesn’t depend on the fan’s efforts, but comes through trusting, constant, faithful prayer. A BIG fan of Jesus NEVER despairs! He prays again and waits for the divine rain, and not just a few drops.

God’s rain, for the BIG fans of Jesus, is about to fall powerfully and copiously… God’s word (Joel 2:28-32)! Am I still a smalltime fan of Jesus, or am I growing into the full measure and stature of Jesus?

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