23 December 2014
9 January 2015



Matrix 2015: Planet Earth is about to drown in a universal flood due to a roaring wave of corruption, wickedness, deceit, greed, pride, perversion, oppression and violence… a global reconstruction of Sodom and Gomorrah is now almost complete.

The citizens of our planet are wondering how it will all end… the anguish can be seen on their faces. Faces carved by suffering, by humiliation and by slavery disguised as “economic crisis” that has destroyed the dignity of millions of people, who are paid less than what is needed to survive.

Even the fans of Jesus are concerned by the troubles they and their loved ones are going through. Society has boarded the train of rebellion against the creator God and His balanced creation. Love your neighbor as yourself? Even for the most sincere fans of Jesus these concepts are too good to be true.

The drops that fall in this Matrixian downpour are a mix of blood and tears … blood and tears of the last, which, contrary to what the illustrious stranger named Jesus said (“in the kingdom of heaven the last shall be first” see Matthew 20:16), they become more and more frequent, stripped of all rights … even the basic and fundamental rights acknowledged up to yesterday.

But the Creator God, heavenly Father of every human being on earth, in His omniscience knew about this great flood, and in His omnipotence is putting a project in motion with a rescue plan: Noah’s ark 2.0. Yes, just when I’m about to drown in the Matrixian sea, just when the last wooden stick that seems to give me a break and catch my breath, it finally disintegrates… at that moment of greatest anguish and travail for myself and the whole planet earth, an ark shall arise, appearing out of nowhere, ready to welcome all the “lost” who want to abandon the Matrix (see Psalm 12: 5).

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