22 April 2015
4 May 2015


The kingdom that Jesus established two thousand years ago on my earth was the opposite of what His so-called fans desired. Even though He was the Prince of peace, His life example full of love for His neighbors and His message full of hope upset the cold observers of religious traditions, who, just so they wouldn’t have to submit to the truth, caused a “religious war” to break out.

  • Jesus, who was the founder and cornerstone of the church, was considered its enemy and destroyer.
  • Jesus, who had given the commandments through Moses on Mount Sinai, was condemned as the transgressor of His own commandments.
  • Jesus, who had come to shatter the power of the prince of the Matrix, was declared a demon and devil.

During His life neither His mother nor His brothers understood His objectives. His disciples didn’t understand Him either. No one in those times understood His mission and during His ministry he walked alone, accompanied however by the omnipotent Holy Spirit, facing with profound sadness and steely determination the “religious war” that was so violently launched against Him.

Today, two thousand years later, am I also leaving Jesus to walk alone, or am I aligning myself in humble submission to the moral example that He left me as an inheritance?

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