23 April 2014
9 May 2014


Why do the premonitions of my pole star (see Revelation 7:3/9:4 and 13:16/14:9) stress the fact that God’s seal will be placed only on the foreheads of His fans while, in opposition to this group, the fans of the Matrix will be marked either on the forehead or on the right hand? What’s the difference between receiving a seal/mark on the forehead and receiving it on the hand?

The forehead houses the brain, and therefore the human reason and will. Receiving God’s seal or the mark of the Matrix (called the mark of the beast by my pole star) on the forehead means a willing acceptance of the group to which you belong. I thus discover that belonging to Jesus can only be voluntary… Jesus does not oblige anyone to take His side. That is why His seal will only be placed on the forehead.

Quite the opposite, the mark of the Matrix is accepted both voluntarily by those who receive it on their foreheads and also through the force and coercion of all those who will bear it on their right hands. This means that many citizens of the Matrix in the end will not receive the seal of God, not so much because of free choice and absolute conviction that the theories of the prince of the Matrix are true, but rather because they will be afraid to stand against the system, which at that point will seem to control the entire world.

Yes, terror has always been the first weapon that a despot and tyrant uses to ensure the submission of his subjects. Only a few follow him out of love and conviction, and he knows it. Thus, only control and dominion over everything/everyone can guarantee him the obedience of the majority who do not love him, but fear him.

Jesus’ fans are only volunteers. I cannot become one by inheritance or even out of convenience… much less out of fear (of DEBT and consequent judgment). This choice can be dictated only out of love for my Savior and Creator. That is why the last fans of Jesus, the Omega generation, will be a courageous group of people confident in the divine protection, challenging with their very own lives, the omnipotence (merely apparent) of the prince of the Matrix.

The prince of the Matrix uses the weapon of fear and terror on all those who do not believe his lies and who feel attracted to the vital light of the love of God. Do I blindly believe in the divine protection, or do I allow myself to be easily imprisoned in the mental prison of terror?

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