5 September 2013
Eyes Wide Shut
19 September 2013


Omega, the last generation is the THE GENERATION that will show the Matrix, his prince, his demons and all its citizens the style of Jesus who is called the Christ.  Christian Style, that is, being in the image and likeness of God the Son, and therefore of God the Father, being like Jesus is the light that will illuminate the whole world, as foretold by the prophets in Revelation chapter 18.

Which light can be more powerful in the dense spiritual darkness of the Matrix of a ” Zombie Matrix Style” than the light which will reflect (as in the days of Eden) its original image of the Christian Style? It’s not a religious denomination or even the theology that the people of the Matrix desperately seek, but the only light they seek is the metamorphosis of the modern super ego. Only seeing, hearing and touching the escape of the fans of Jesus from the Matrix is the spark that lights up the whole world with a message of hope and salvation.

Wake up dear sleeping virgin, you look more and more like a ” Zombie Matrix Style” that will soon be vomited out of the mouth of God.  Yes, wake up from this spiritual slumber, and allow the Spirit of God to bring your character to its former glory, when you were still in the image and likeness of the Creator. Wake up, you will be the repairer of the breach (see Isaiah 58:12) and you will trample the head of the prince of the Matrix (see Genesis 3:15).

The victory is yours!

The Matrix finally accepts Jesus, His character and His style! It’s time to show Jesus in me!

Yes, I want to be like Jesus, I want to live the Christian Style.

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