25 September 2013
Eyes wide shut
7 October 2013


A sarcophagus is a container, usually of stone, designed to hold a coffin or the body of a deceased person.

In the beginning, the Creator God, when He created the man and the woman, created them in His moral image and likeness, giving them a balanced, harmonious character. Unfortunately, human beings chose to take a path far from and independent of their Creator, the source of all life. All this became a sad reality when man followed the false, diabolical mirage of equality between creature and Creator. From that moment on in the Matrix, the original moral image, which represents the divine seal, of every human being was closed in a sarcophagus. But this sarcophagus does not have the job of protecting my moral identity but rather hiding it, substituting it with a new identity in the image and likeness of the prince of the Matrix. In practice, this sarcophagus that covers my original SELF represents my new SELF, a false, mendacious copy because it bears a rebellious and arrogant spirit.

Unfortunately I as a human being am so used to my Matrixian sarcophagus that I can no longer smell the stench and fetidness that this new SELF emanates, and cannot even perceive the change of status that I have undergone: from child of the King to slave of the Matrix. By now, I as a man am at one with the Matrix because my balanced, harmonious character given to me at creation, i.e. God’s seal on me, has been closed in this sarcophagus.

When will I open my eyes and see how the prince of darkness has imprisoned me in a spiritual sarcophagus that he would have me believe is my real SELF?

When will I realize that until I reject this new SELF that stinks of rebellion, I will not be able to come out of the material and spiritual prison that is the Matrix?

When will I decide to leave the Matrix, thus making my original SELF emerge, the SELF so much like Jesus that was given to me in the Garden of Eden?

The time has come to come out of the sarcophagus of my SELF.

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