15 July 2013


The Latin phrase “Ecclesia semper reformanda est” refers to the belief that the church must continually re-examine itself in order to remain faithful, in action and in doctrine, to the Gospel message.  This is the revolutionary DNA of Jesus.

Matrix on the contrary, brings the more reassuring and less annoying “Peace, peace, peace.” Here are the three religious cancers of “Peace” that have infected the church in the last days (called Laodicea in Revelation):

  1. Peace to you who are observing the right tradition/doctrine… in other words, you’re making the necessary SACRIFICES!
  2. Peace to you who are supporting the right church… in other words, you’re rebuilding the TEMPLE of God!
  3. Peace to you who you are following the right leaders… in other words, you are obeying the PRIESTS of God!

This is a real “spiritual chamomile” that wants to keep Jesus’ fans (also referred to as virgins), hypnotized with a false message of security and peace, in a state of trance and apathy. But the revolutionary and reformational message of Jesus will rise up again in the last days, healing His people (unfortunately only the wise virgins) from the Matrixian religious cancer. The limited access to the priestly function imposed by the creature will soon be torn down by the Creator! Jesus assures me that everything that was not initiated by His Dad (God the Father) will be eliminated (see Matthew 15:13).

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